Applying to Antikythera, Greece: A Step-by-Step Guide

Applying to Antikythera, Greece: A Step-by-Step Guide

Why Antikythera Island?

Antikythera is a relatively small island located in the Aegean Sea, between Crete and the Peloponnese peninsula. Despite its size, it has a significant historical and archaeological importance, especially when it comes to underwater sites. It is well known for the discovery of the Antikythera Mechanism in 1901, an ancient analog computer of great complexity that its purpose is still a mystery.

The island is also famous for the remarkable underwater findings dating back to the ancient and the Byzantine era. The underwater explorations that started in 1900 have revealed several shipwrecks, some of which are considered to be of great importance for various reasons, such as their age, cargo, or size.

If you are interested in marine archaeology and want to gain hands-on experience in the field, Antikythera is undoubtedly an excellent place to start. Participating in the ongoing excavations and research on the island is an excellent opportunity to get involved in the discovery of unknown aspects of the ancient Mediterranean world and be part of a team that uncovers new information.

How to Apply for an Excavation Project in Antikythera?

If you want to participate in the Antikythera excavation project, the first step is to find out which organization or institution is leading the research. There are several institutions and universities from around the world that sponsor excavation projects in Antikythera and they usually advertise on their website or social media channels regarding the requirement and the application procedure.

Before submitting your application, you should carefully review the project details, requirements, and expectations. In most cases, the prerequisites will include a solid academic background or previous experience in the relevant field. However, some organizations may also welcome volunteers with different educational backgrounds or skill sets, provided they are eager to learn and hardworking.

The application process typically involves submitting a detailed resume or CV, references, a statement of interest, and sometimes an essay or research proposal. Be prepared to invest time and effort in your application, as the selection process can be very competitive.

Once you are accepted into the program, you will most likely receive comprehensive training in the field, including an introduction to the excavation methods, the equipment used, data gathering, and conservation protocols.


Antikythera Island is a unique destination for anyone passionate about marine archaeology and history. Being part of an excavation project on the island can be an excellent opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the field, explore new ideas, and contribute to the discovery of new knowledge. Finding out which institution or organization sponsors the excavation projects in Antikythera and carefully following the requirements and the application procedure can increase your chances of being selected for the program.

Requirements and Eligibility

If you are interested in exploring the depths of marine archaeology and history, Antikythera Greece may be the perfect destination for you. The Antikythera shipwreck is one of the most significant archaeological discoveries in history, and it has been fascinating researchers and enthusiasts for centuries. Here are the requirements and eligibility criteria you need to know before applying for this unique opportunity.

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To be eligible for Antikythera, you must be at least 18 years old and have a genuine interest in marine archaeology or history. There is no prior experience required, although it can be helpful to have a background in one of these fields. You will also need to have good physical fitness because the work can be physically demanding, and you may need to spend long hours under the water.

You will be working alongside a team of marine archaeologists and divers, so it is important to have good communication skills and be a team player. You will also need to be comfortable with working in remote locations, as Antikythera is an uninhabited island with limited infrastructure. You will need to be self-sufficient and prepared to live and work in a challenging environment.

The application process for Antikythera Greece is competitive, and the program may be limited to a specific number of participants each year. You will need to submit an application detailing your qualifications and motivation for participating in the program. Selection is based on a number of factors, including your qualifications, experience, and potential contribution to the research project.

Overall, Antikythera Greece is an incredible opportunity for anyone interested in marine archaeology and history. By meeting the eligibility requirements and submitting a strong application, you could be one of the lucky few chosen to participate in this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Application Process

Antikythera Greece is a coastal island situated between Crete and Mainland Greece. It is known for its beautiful beaches, crystal-clear water, and scenic landscapes. If you’re interested in visiting this island and experiencing the authentic Greek culture, you can apply for the Antikythera program that offers several opportunities for foreigners to come and live on the island for a period.

The application process is relatively simple and straightforward. You can apply online by filling in a detailed application form. The form requires you to provide personal information, including your name, nationality, contact information such as email and phone details, etc. Additionally, you will be required to answer questions related to your skills and experiences.

The questions in the application are designed to give the program organizers insight into your background, what you can offer to the island, and what you hope to gain from your visit. Make sure to answer them honestly and with thought. The program administrators require complete applications before consideration.

Eligibility and Availability

Before you apply for the Antikythera program, you must check your eligibility. Currently, the program does not have any age restrictions but requires all applicants to speak English reasonably well. There’s no need for applicants to have any particular skills or qualifications.

However, priority is given to people with specific backgrounds or work experiences. For instance, people with experience and skills in agriculture, tourism, and education have a better chance of being welcomed into the program. After the evaluation process, successful applicants will be given an offer to move to the island.

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It’s best to apply early since there are limited spots available on the island. Additionally, several months of the year are considered peak season, and the island’s population can skyrocket at that time. This marks it a bit challenging for the organizers to find adequate accommodation for those accepted into the program. So be sure to apply early to boost your chances of being accepted.


The Antikythera program provides a unique opportunity for foreigners to experience the authentic Greek culture and live on a Greek island. The application process is relatively easy, making it accessible to anyone with a keen interest in the island and the Greek way of life.

By submitting a detailed application form, you increase your chances of being accepted into the program. Remember, the program attracts many applications every year, so be sure to ensure your application is well-detailed, and you answer all questions honestly. Prepare to embrace the Greek lifestyle, traditions, and culture by being adequately prepared and organized to meet the program’s unique requirements.

Program Details and Costs

The Antikythera shipwreck is an ancient Greek shipwreck located off the coast of Antikythera island, which is situated between the Peloponnese and Crete. The shipwreck is renowned for the discovery of an ancient geared mechanism commonly referred to as the Antikythera mechanism. Since its discovery in the early 1900s, many expeditions have been carried out to uncover the mysteries of the shipwreck.

The Antikythera excavation program offers participants a unique opportunity to take part in the ongoing excavation of the Antikythera shipwreck. The program runs for six weeks and is open to anyone interested in marine archaeology and history. Participants will work alongside experienced marine archaeologists, learn the latest techniques in excavation and analysis, and contribute to the ongoing research of the shipwreck.

The program costs vary depending on the type of accommodation chosen, travel arrangements, and tuition fees. The program fee ranges from approximately 2,250 euros to 3,750 euros for a six-week session. This covers room and board, transportation to and from the island, and tuition fees. Participants are responsible for their travel arrangements to Greece.

Accommodation options include private rooms, shared rooms, and tents. Private rooms offer comfortable accommodations, with air conditioning and a private bathroom, and can sleep up to two people. Shared rooms are dormitory-style, with two to four beds per room and shared bathroom facilities. Tents are also available for those who prefer to sleep under the stars.

The tuition fee covers all the necessary equipment and tools for the excavation, as well as lectures, fieldwork, and lab work. Participants will also receive training in diving techniques, using metal detectors and other equipment used in marine archaeology.

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The Antikythera excavation program is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to take part in the ongoing exploration of this ancient Greek shipwreck. Participants will gain an in-depth understanding of the shipwreck’s history, contribute to current research, and acquire valuable skills in marine archaeology.

5. Necessary documents for Antikythera Excavation Application

As with any application process, you will need to submit some documents in order to be considered for the Antikythera Excavation Program. Here are the necessary documents that are required:

Curriculum Vitae

Your CV should outline your education, work experience, and any relevant skills or certifications that you may have. Be sure to highlight any archaeological or diving experience, as this will be a major asset in your application.

Personal Statement

The Personal Statement is an opportunity for you to explain why you are interested in the Antikythera Excavation program and why you believe you would make a valuable addition to the team. Be sure to discuss any previous experience you have, your motivation and your passion to participate in the program.

Passport Photo

You will need to submit a passport-style photo of yourself with your application. This will be used for identification purposes and should be recent.

Copy of Passport or ID

To prove your identity, you will need to provide a copy of your passport or other government-issued identification. This is necessary for insurance and liability purposes.

Medical Certificate

You will need to submit a medical certificate signed by a doctor, confirming that you are in good health and are physically capable of participating in the excavation activities.

Diving or Archeology Certificate (optional)

If you have any diving or archaeology certifications, it may be beneficial to include them with your application. This could give you an edge over other applicants, as it shows that you already have experience in the field and may require less training than someone without these certifications.

By gathering all the necessary documents for the application process, candidates will ensure their eligibility and increase the chances of being selected to take part in the unique Antikythera Excavation Program.

Conclusion: About Antikythera’s Application Process

The application process for the Antikythera Excavation Program may seem daunting at first, but it is actually quite straightforward. With the right documents and a genuine passion for archaeology and history, you can apply to be part of a world-renowned team that has already made some incredible discoveries.

It’s important to put some thought and effort into your application, as this is your chance to demonstrate why you would make a great addition to the team. Take the time to craft a compelling personal statement and highlight any relevant experience or certifications that you may have.

The Antikythera Excavation Program is a unique opportunity to be a part of something truly special. With a bit of luck and a strong application, you could soon find yourself diving into history and helping to uncover the secrets of the Antikythera shipwreck.

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